Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hannah Montana Is Certainly Trying To Grow Up!

I've not ever seen an episode of Hannah Montana. I'm certainly aware of who the character is though. You can hardly walk into any store these days without seeing merchandise with that name on it.

I am a great admirer of Annie Leibovitz. She's taken some truly amazing photographs in her time. This particular photography of Miley Cyrus is certainly no exception. It's a beautiful photograph.

I just wish the subject was a few years older. I honestly can't believe I'm actually saying this. Knowing she's 15 just gives a whole different spin on the photo to me. It makes me shiver.

That being said - it almost seems to me like the publicity over these Vanity Fair photos is being carefully calculated by Ms. Cyrus' people/posse/management/whoever. This gal wasn't alone in the studio being taken advantage of by some low-life pornographer. I highly doubt that she gets much time alone at all. Her managers saw all the photos long before they were released, and obviously didn't have an issue with them.

So what changed? The photos? Did they suddenly become worse overnight? No. But somebody obviously recognized an opportunity to create even more publicity for this young lady.

Was it worth it?


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