Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"Bleeding The Beast" - Otherwise Known As "Welfare Fraud"

"Bleeding the Beast". Have you ever heard that term before? Before I started doing some serious research into the FLDS cult/community, I hadn't come across it either. I had, however, heard of the concept. I just hadn't known what the FLDS members called it.

Within the FLDS cult/community, a man is legally married to only one woman. His other wives, however many they may be, are considered "spiritual wives", thus married in the eyes of their God, but not in the eyes of the state and federal government. So you effectively have hundreds of "single" women, with large numbers of children who apply for, and receive, untold thousands of dollars of tax money for food stamps, medicaid, welfare payments, child-care payments, WIC, housing assistance, etc...etc...

Now, granted, since the Welfare Reform Act was passed, the lifetime limitation for welfare benefits for any one person is supposed to be 5 years maximum. I don't know if there are loopholes which can be used to get benefits past that time limit or not. But even if 5 years is set in stone.....hundreds or thousands of women getting as much public welfare as possible for the maximum amount of time = how many millions..... Who knows exactly? The general public never will. Government regulations generally keep this kind of information a secret.

Welfare fraud is certainly prevalent in many other corners of society as well. I recognize this fact well, as I have seen it first hand over the years both on a professional and personal level. It certainly is not limited to the FLDS cult/community. I am just not used to seeing it mandated by an alleged "prophet" or "prophets" and suggested as the "Lord's way of using the system to take care of his chosen people."

The more research that I do, and believe me, I read, listen, and watch closely. I look at everything - both pro-FLDS and con-FLDS. I watch the body language of FLDS members, young and old. Everyone "keeping sweet". How can it not be seen for what it really is - a very, very powerful and formidable cult.

The more research that I do....the more disturbing it all becomes to me.....

The problems that are plaguing the FLDS cult/community....the trouble they keep getting themselves into....Warren Jeffs....Tom Green....the removal of the children from the ranch in Texas.....

This has nothing to do with freedom of religion or religious persecution. In this country there are certain values....certain ideals...and I just don't see many of those values or ideals practiced within the FLDS cult/communities. In fact, I very much see to the contrary. Even the most recent flood of media interviews of the FLDS members themselves - all women - so many women. Where are the men? Are the women supposed to be a more sympathetic visual aid?

Click on the title of this post and start researching these things for yourself.

Be blessed.


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