Friday, April 25, 2008

A Child Of The 80's......

I was thinking today about how much difference a few years can really make. My husband was born in 1965 (graduated HS in 1983), and I was born in 1971 (graduated HS in 1989). It's only six years between us, but sometimes the generation gap is really evident!

I love to tease him about the photo he once showed me (much to his regret) - it's of him in what is actually a powder-blue 70's tux, but it looks exactly like a powder-blue leisure suit complete with huge collar. And he was a gorgeous child and even more gorgeous teenager (and happily still a gorgeous man in middle age), but the old photos of him in the polyester, white belts, and PLAID, egads!

He laffs and laffs and laffs at photos of my poofy hair, raccoon eyeliner, and acid washed jeans, although - when I remind him that he used to DATE those same girls (and believe me, he dated a lot and dated well), he hushes a bit.

He can happily listen to Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd all the live long day, while I'm much happier singing along with Duran Duran's greatest hits. We can find common ground on The Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller's Day Off, but forget St. Elmo's Fire or Sixteen Candles. Although he does like Pretty In Pink, and I do not.

I'm just old enough that I will always have an immense appreciation for how truly astounding the Internet really is, and how wonderful cellular phones are. My son has never known an Internet or cell phone free world and will never understand my delight, and that's sad in a way.

Anyway - how many of these things do you recognize?

Feathered Hair - Pumps with Jeans - Rave, Stiff Stuff - Stick-up bangs Multicolored - Shoulder Pads - Crimped Hair - Side Ponytails - Stirrup Pants - Ultra-Teased - Platinum Blonde - Glitter - Friendship Pins - Swatches - Hoop Earrings - Slouch Socks - High Tops - Rubber Bracelets - Jellies - Off Shoulder Shirts - Thick Belts over shirts - Neon - Sweaters Around Your Waist - Neon - Legwarmers - Ripped Hose - Granny Boots - Blue Eyeshadow - Heavy Mascara - Cover Girl Eyeliner in Black - Aqua Net - Light Pink Lipstick - Trapper Keepers

Ah the nostalgia.....

Have a blessed day!


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