Monday, April 14, 2008

Mixed Bag Monday!

Just realized it's Monday again! Here are a few things that caught my eye around the web today.

  • A VERY interesting website/blog with a unique way of looking at a whole lot of stuff: (WARNING: please note that it is not kid-friendly, nor does it minimize words, thoughts, or language. If you are an easily offended person, this site isn't for you.)

  • Child rape may become punishable by death. How slippery of a slope could this become?

  • It's tax season! Time to discriminate against our GLBT citizens again.

  • A push-up bra for little girls? Note that this is the same company that tried to sell a "pole-dancing" kit for kids back in 2006.

  • Yet another school decides to show the country how tyrannical, ridiculous, and shamefully unpatriotic it can be. What? Your Dad's serving our country in Iraq? Sorry, kid, we just don't give a damn....that is until the media gets involved.....

  • A Mom has won the right to send their son to a Catholic high school, against the wishes of his Dad, who is an Atheist.......(please note the three links which all lead to different parts of the story along a time frame...)

Have a blessed day!


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