Monday, June 09, 2008

Another Mixed Bag Monday!

Some personal family issues have kept me from blogging lately. I'm sure glad to be back!

Here are some things that caught my eye around the web today....

  • With the US in an obvious recession (contrary to what politicians are saying), are any of these 12 things a necessity in your life?

  • Brokeback Mountain.......the Opera????

  • I absolutely love Stephen Colbert!!!

  • What in the world was this man trying to do???

  • Having marital problems?? Don't go to counseling.....just have an affair! (insert sarcasm here)

  • Christianity and bookburning should NOT go well together.

  • This is just sick................

  • Raising a baby on a Vegan diet may not be a good idea.....

  • This man decided to test the validity of the "best by" dates on much good food is being thrown away everyday????

Have a blessed day everyone!!!

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