Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The FLDS Cult Keeps Getting Creepier.

There is an extremely rare genetic disorder called Fumarase Deficiency. Until about 18 years ago, there were only 13 known cases world-wide, but it is steadily becoming prevalent within the FLDS communities - due to the inbreeding that is common there.

According to the most recent article I could locate about it:

The birth defect — an enzyme deficiency — causes severe mental retardation, epilepsy and disfigurement of features. "The retardation is in the severe range — an IQ around 25," Dr. Tarby says. Afflicted children are missing portions of their brain, often cannot sit or stand, and suffer grand mal seizures and encephalitis. Language skills are nonexistent or minimal.

Please click here if you would like to learn more about this genetic disease and the ever growing number of cases within the FLDS community.

We are not just talking about the very real (and documented) physical and sexual abuse of children and women in the FLDS cult/community here people. We are also talking about people reproducing and damming their children to a probable 1 in 4 chance of suffering a tragic and terrible disease.

I also came across something even more disturbing during my research. I'll be discussing that on my blog tomorrow.


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