Thursday, March 13, 2008

Follow up to yesterday's school post.

Well, well, well.....Seems that the unfair treatment of this boy was rescinded after a "meeting between the Superintendent, the Principal, the boy and his parents", and the school oh so kindly decided to clear the boy's record and restore him to his student council post, as well as expunge his suspension. I have a good feeling that the negative press coverage this story recieved had something to do with it as well.

Here is what the principal, Eleanor Turner, had to say: "I am sorry this has happened, my hope is that we can get back to the normal school routine, especially since we are in the middle of taking the Connecticut mastery test."

Shame on you. I fully expect you are more sorry that this story got picked up by the Associated Press than you are by what happened to this boy.

Yet another classic example of how badly power can corrupt, especially when someone is convinced they are acting in the best interest of a child and are not using any common sense. Over my career, I've seen countless actions so similar to this in other schools.

I'm quite convinced that, had this not been publicized, that the punitive actions originally taken would have remained in place. In my extensive experience, schools do not like to admit to mistakes.

This nonsense helped no one whatsoever. All it did was make the school system a laughing stock across the country, and outside of it as well, to a degree. Friends of mine from England informed me that this was reported in their local papers as well. Yet another reason to wonder after those "stupid Americans".

Shame on the superintendent, shame on Eleanor Turner, shame on the school system.


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