Sunday, March 09, 2008

Can't sleep tonight.........

Just no rest for the weary. Although, I admit, the six(ish...) cups of coffee I drank throughout the day may have a bit to do with it as well. I bought a package of Dunkin Donuts coffee at Valli Produce (oooooo I love that store!!! It's been such a blessing to have after giving up my beloved Wegmans market when I moved out here.) While rummaging the other day, I came across DH's old Kelley Market insulated mega-jug. This thing holds 64 ounces! And keeps things hot or cold pretty well. It's been handy to fill with cold water, and then just carry it around with me in the house, or take along in the car in case I get thirsty. Well, I made a pot of Dunkin's coffee this morning and went to grab a mug, then my eagle eye traveled from the pot of 8 cups of coffee to my mega-jug, and though I am math-illiterate, I could remember that 8x8 = 64. Hmmmmmm........ Yes, I did it. Dumped the whole pot into the mega jug, threw in some sugar and milk, and went to town! I didn't quite finish the whole thing, I think I dumped maybe a cup and a half in the sink before bed, but that was still a lot of coffee for a gal! So I suppose I shouldn't be cranking because I can't sleep.

Speaking of cranking, DH was awful grumpy today! Really reminded me of a bout of PMS, except that I have seen evidence of the fact that he is, indeed, a male. First I was talking too much when he was watching the television...then the show I put on was "boring".....just stupid little things like that. I was wont to throw the remote at his head, but I took a breath and just held my tongue. It takes two people to make a fight, and I hate fighting. Especially on a Sunday. And I realize that he's just exhausted, poor guy. He works way too hard, and really doesn't eat or sleep like he should, so I don't take this kind of stuff personally. Plus it doesn't happen much, thankfully.

But, honestly, it still would have felt good to throw that remote!


susan said...

I think I would've thrown it at my dh if he'd been being such a brat. No worries of hurting him though as my aim is horrible!

Good for you for remaining calm and realizing it takes two to fight...if only I could make my kids understand that!

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