Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Everyday websites.

I was thinking this morning that my blog has been sort of a downer of late. Between the grumpy posts, and just plain sad posts, it's not very fun! I thought I might try to get completely away from that today. So what to post about?


I did some editing of my bookmark list this morning, and noticed how many I have. I am a chronic bookmarker - if I come across something interesting, or something I think might be even marginally useful at some point in the future, I will bookmark it. I also keep the bookmarks meticulously organized into specific folders - I have 37 separate folders and 353 bookmarked sites as of this morning. Maybe from time to time, I'll list what bookmarks I have in a specific folder.

Today's folder is: Daily Folder. It's the folder where I keep the sites that I check every single morning when I turn on the computer (or at least they get checked some time during the day.)

  • CNN It gives me an update of what's happened overnight.
  • The Animal Rescue Site This site is a partner with Petfinder. You can click a button everyday and sponsors of the site will give a certain amount of food to a rescued animal. There are also buttons to click daily for Rainforest, Literacy, Child Health, Breast Cancer, and Hunger. Your one click included with thousands of other clicks adds up to a lot of help. It is a small way to do something good each day.
  • The Times-Leader A local newspaper from where I used to live. I like to keep up on the goings-on there as much as I am able.
  • The Citizens Voice Another local newspaper from where I used to live.
  • The Press Enterprise Yet another local newspaper from where I used to live!
  • The Rockford Register Star The local newspaper from where I currently live.
  • Television Without Pity This site is a little hard to explain until you look at it. Basically it's a place where tons of people discuss nearly every show currently on, or that has ever been on, television. I get a lot of interesting viewpoints here.
  • POGO I am a huge Pogo fanatic!! This site is an excellent source of stress relief for me.
  • Cindy's Blog She's local to me and always interesting.
  • Our Daily Bread In my busy life, this is a great spot to remind me to take care of my spiritual self.
  • TMZ I won't lie. I'm a sucker for gossip. This site is usually one of the first with updates about what's going on in the seedy underbelly of Hollywood. Be warned that this site doesn't censor itself in any way.
  • FARK This website has the best listing of "odd" stories from around the world. Again - not a place for kids to go.

Well, there it is. For better or worse, these places are all a part of my daily schedule. Hope you enjoy them!


Cindy Swanson said...

Wow,Maggy...I'm so honored that you visit my blog regularly!

You know, I often go to Television Without Pity too, especially if I miss an episode of American Idol. And I used to go there when I was watching "The Biggest Loser" on a regular basis.

The writers who summarize the episodes can be really sarcastic and snarky, though...almost painfully so...but they do sometimes make me laugh out loud.

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