Thursday, March 06, 2008

A Duggar Book is being published.

Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar (with SueAnn Jones)'s THE DUGGAR FAMILY: 20 and Counting!, positive parenting and organization tips from America's favorite family -- as seen on The Learning Channel and Discovery Health, to Philis Boultinghouse at Howard, for publication in Spring 2009, by Leslie Nunn at Reed
Nunn Communications (World).

That opening paragraph is a blockquote directly from a message board that I frequent. I'm almost surprised that one wasn't published sooner. Are they really "America's favorite family"? I'll be so interested to see the final product. I'd be even more interested to see an advance copy of the book - prior to the final edits for public release. I'd also like to know how much money Jim Bob and Michelle were paid for these positive parenting and organization tips......


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