Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Animal Lovers - Please Beware of Cocoa Mulch!

If you own animals, especially a dog, or you care about animals, please beware of using cocoa mulch for landscaping or gardening. It could be harmful, or potentially fatal for an animal to ingest. The smell - while divine - can attract dogs especially.

Please read this to get important information, and if you have bags you haven't used yet, return them to the store and tell the clerk exactly why you are returning the mulch.


JoLynn Braley said...

Thanks for the tip on this - I don't have dogs (have indoor cats) but I still wouldn't want to contribute problems for animals. Actually, I might not even be buying any mulch this year because I didn't know before that it creates an acidic soil, so I've been removing it (and liming) so that I could plant some veggies. :)

IL Social Worker said...

You're so welcome. There are so many good mulches out there that are not dangerous to animals and are still organic! I actually use very little - mainly to keep the weeds in check, but I can use straw and that works just as well. Many blessings :)

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